Foil insulation – multi layer solutions

ITR is one of the European leaders in the multi layer foil insulation industry with a production of more that 4 million m2 per year. The success has been achieved with a constant focus on design, development and by increasing the insulation power of the cutting edge multi layer foil insulation produced.

ITR covers all modern insulation needs and have got all international certifications for:

Thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire safety.

ITR®, efficiency, performance and easy installation

  • Maximum thermal insualtion all year
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Robust and very durable and even rot-proof
  • Water & dust resistant
  • Not harmful, irritant or allergenic
  • Space saving, non bulky
  • Saves energy and protect the ozone layer carbon emission
  • Suitable for installation in new or old roofs, walls and loft spaces etc.
  • Fast and easy installation

ITR® are looking for distribution partners in the UK and would like to hear from you if your company is involved in distribution insulation malerials into both builders merchants and DIY markets. Please contact us for more information about our multi layer foil insulation products.