Insulation foil

We know that more and more construction companies are using insulation foil for their houses and buildrings. Which properties makes it so special?

Insulation foil is a science! It’s the best insulation materiel ever. ITR is specialized in this area. We have designed our insulations foils to combat heat transfer, reduce heat loss, block solar radiations and to minimise condensations issues. But how does it work?

The keyword is thermo-reflection. Due to the foil, heat and cold is reflected in its wave state and returned in the direction where it came from. In other words: When the heat of the sun touches the roof it will not penetrade due to a reflectivity at around 95 %. And when you turn on the heat in winter, the heat will rise and touch the loft and so returned into the living space. Your home will stay nice and warm with less heating.

It’s proved that the fact of using insulation foil your heating bills will be reduced with 80%. That’s quite a difference. The costs of the insulation work will soon be recovered. And if you want to make it even cheaper don’t hesitate to insulate your home yourself. It’s so easy to work with. Take a look at our website . Our specialists will always be at your service.